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With their seventh full-length album “Marrow” set to be released on Dark Essence Records on the 21 September, Norwegian Alternative Metallers MADDER MORTEM have released a new video for a track from the album.

Titled “Far From Home” the symbol-laden video is by the noted Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu  and can be seen below and at


About “Far From Home”, the band commented  that the track “grew out of an early morning’s vocals idea, and into a very Madder song. Everything we love is here: contrasts and melody, fragility and heaviness, anguish and hope. The lyrics are about a long night’s uneasy journey into day, about the gut-wrenching worry that rides on the back of truly caring for someone”.

Regarding the video itself, and the collaboration with Chioreanu, who has a long-standing history with Dark Essence Records and the Norwegian music scene, Madder Mortem went on to say:

“When we approached artist Costin Chioreanu about creating the video for “Far From Home”, we gave him the music, the lyrics, and otherwise an absolutely free rein. The result is his unique interpretation of the song and the feeling, and when we first saw it, we were all tearing up. Costin gave the song another dimension, and we are so grateful to him for expanding our music into the visual realm”.

As an album, the eleven-track “Marrow” is complex, covering a wide variety of genres and sounds that range from moments of folk/prog to avant-garde.  From delicate ballads to harsh metal, it  is more doomy  than its predecessor “Red in Tooth and Claw”, as well as being at times both heavier, and catchier.  It is, according to the band “about sticking to the essence of yourself.  Your ideas, your thoughts, your values”.

Madder Mortem - Marrow

“Marrow” comes in CD Digipak, Digital and Limited Edition transparent green vinyl and is available from all the usual sellers, or can be ordered from the following:

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More information about MADDER MORTEM can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at 

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Dark Essence Records have today announced that they have added Norwegian Alternative Metallers MADDER MORTEM to their roster. The label is set to release the band’s sixth full length album, titled “Red In Tooth And Claw”, later this year, on a date as yet to be announced. As a taste of what fans can expect, MADDER MORTEM have put together a teaser of some of the songs from “Red In Tooth And Claw”, which can be heard at

Formed in 1993, originally under the name of Mystery Tribe, MADDER MORTEM’s music, with its hauntingly beautiful vocals by Agnete M. Kirkevaag, is atmospheric and melodic, with a very definite progressive leaning, but at the same time the band can show an underlying aggression that gives their sound a harder, more driven edge than one might expect. Aside from Agnete, MADDER MORTEM’s five-member lineup includes BP. M. Kirkevaag on guitar & vocals, Richard Wikstrand on guitars, Tormod L. Moseng on bass and Mads Solås on drums.

More information about MADDER MORTEM can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

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The video for the track “Armour” from MADDER MORTEM’S fifth full-length album “Eight Ways” can be seen below and at

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