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The release date for the “Introvert”, the new full-length album from SLEGEST has been set for the 16th November on Dark Essence Records.  Sounding more rock than ever, “Introvert”  will be the third studio outing for the Norwegians, and will comprise eight tracks guaranteed to please the fans of SLEGEST’s riff-laden music.

“Introvert” promises to be an album in which SLEGEST’s trademark sound  of black metal and classic heavy rock is well and truly defined.  The shades of the 80’s are more present than before, and the album is filled with great riffs, ensnaring hooks and a vicious catchiness. The title, on the other hand, reflects the material’s origin, as SLEGEST’s  frontman and main composer Ese explains:

“An introvert – a person who is predominantly interested in their own inner experiences. The album is born out of a mindset and lifestyle characterized by introversion. SLEGEST’s music has always fed on inner moods, feelings, nostalgia and heavy rock. Nevertheless, this inspiration from within has led to our most outgoing and in-your-face material ever! We are surpassing ourselves on this one, let it spin in the face of life itself!”

Bass and vocals for “Introvert”  were recorded in Systrond and engineered by Ese.  Drums and guitars were recorded at the  Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen with  Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen engineering the drums,  whilst the guitars were engineered by Herbrand Larsen, who also mixed the album.  Iver Sandøy handled the mastering.

With cover artwork by Anders Røkkum, “Introvert” will be available in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats.  Tracklisting is as follows:

1 Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg
2 Undergangens Tankesmed
3 Maler Lys I Mørketid
4 Da Brenne I Glåsi
5 I Den Sanne Flamme
6 Dødskyss
7 Leitar
8 Den Onde Sirkel

SLEGEST will hit the road in Europe in October supporting TAAKE, and in December for an eleven-date tour supporting VREID and KALMAH.  Routings as follows:

With Taake
13.10: Night Fest Metal IX, Arlon, BE
14.10: Hall of Fame, Wetzikon, CH
15.10: Backstage, Munich, DE
16.10: Rock Klub Nová Chmelnice, Prague, CZ
17.10: A38, Budapest, HU
18.10: Orto Bar, Ljubljana, SL
19.10: Legend Club, Milan, IT
20.10: Viper Room, Vienna, AT

With Vreid & Kalmah

05.12: Neushoorn,  Leeuwarden, NL
06.12: Willemeen, Arnhem, NL
07.12: Tba
08.12: Tba
09.12: Ferrailleur,  Nantes, FR
10.12: Backstage,  Paris, FR
11.12: Gare De Lion, Wil, CH
12.12: Backstage,  Munich, DE
13.12:Rock Klub Tartaros,  Banska Bystrica, SK
14.12: Durer 041,  Budapest , HU
15.12: Club Seilerstrasse, Zwickau, DE

More information about SLEGEST can be found on the band’s official Facebook page at on Instagram at and on Spotify at

The official video for “I Fortida Sitt Lys” from SLEGEST’s 2016 album “Vidsyn”  can be seen below and at

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Over four years have passed since HELHEIM released their last album, and now the veteran Norwegian Viking metallers are set to release their eighth full-length album on the 4th December on Dark Essence Records. Titled “raunijaR”, the album was recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studio by VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ Bjørnar Nilsen and was mastered by ENSLAVED’s Herbrand Larsen.

In the intervening years between 2011’s critically acclaimed “Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr” and the upcoming release of “raunijaR” , HELHEIM have been both experimenting with, and building on, their unique take on the Viking Metal genre. As well as completing the themes that have woven their way through HELHEIM’s music since the very beginning, it is with “raunijaR” that the band completes the “Åsgards Fall ” storyline that began with the EP of that name in 2010.

HELHEIM’s lineup comprises V’gandr on bass and vocals, H’grimnir on guitar and vocals, Hrymr on drums and Noralf on guitars. V’gandr himself has been expanding and perfecting his clean vocals, and now, when the two vocalists combine to sing clean vocals new elements are added to the band’s sound. Guest vocals on “raunijaR” come from ALFAHANNE’s Pehr Skjoldhammer and Norwegian musician William Hut, with additional guests performing on violin, piano and horns to further enhance HELHEIM’s dark and heavy atmospheres and create a truly epic masterpiece.

Artwork is by H’grimnir of Track listing on “raunijaR” as follows:

1. Helheim 9
2. Raunijar
3. Åsgards Fall III
4. Åsgards Fall IV
5. Odr

Helheim raujnaR ArtworkPR

Commenting on “raunijaR” V’gandr had this to say: “The opening track “Helheim 9” is actually the last in the line of the HELHEIM tracks where Hrymr in particular has been the creative force. He has combined his unique creativity and symbolism in a way that overwhelms everything that came before, and the result is a truly fitting closure.

“The title track “raunijaR” continues on from Helheim’s “Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr”, and has a relentlessly driving sound that showcases the confrontational, yet familiar, black metal sound in the vein of “Dualitet og Ulver”. “Åsgards Fall” Parts 3 and 4 will be the final and vital link in the completion of the theme that was begun in both lyrical and musical terms with the “Åsgards Fall” MCD. Closing the album is “Odr”, a solemn track that gives the album an ending full of the grandeur and respect that it deserves.”

In November HELHEIM will make a special appearance at BlekkMetal Festival which runs from the 13th to the 15th November at USF Verftet in Bergen. The one-off event is billed as a tribute to the birth of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, and will hark back to the atmosphere, bands, art and individuals from the scene pre 1994. HELHEIM will perform their debut album “Jormundgand” on Saturday 14th to mark the 20th Anniversary of its release. They will also be interviewed live on stage along with ENSLAVED, and will be discussing how their lyrical narratives and their musical craft have been influenced by their Viking roots and traditions.

Included on the BlekkMEtal bill are veteran bands such as TAAKE, KAMPFAR, AETERNUS, HADES ALMIGHTY, GEHENNA, ENSLAVED, and brand new bands such GAAHLS WYRD, and a special onetime only reunion of the legendary OLD FUNERAL. Also appearing will be The C.L.A.S.P. Ritual /Dirge Rep – a tribute band consisting of legendary musicians such as Dirge Rep himself, Skagg, Gaahl, Garm and many more.

Some of the top Norwegian tattoo artists will be present at the event, and will be available for appointments, including, Colin Dale, Kai Uwe Faust and Tor Ola Svennevig, three Viking tattooists who work entirely by hand, without the use of machines. Art exhibitions, movies and guest speakers will also be featured at the event. More information about the BlekkMetal Festival, as well as ticket details can be found at

More information about HELHEIM can be found on the band’s website at or on their Facebook page at

The official video for the track “Dualitet og Ulver” from HELHEIM’s MCD “Åsgards Fall”, which features a guest appearance from TAAKE’s Hoest, can be seen below and at

Helheim on Bandcamp

Tracks from all of HELHEIM’s releases can be heard below and at

Helheim Website:
Helheim Facebook:
Helheim YouTube:
Band Contact:
Dark Essence Records contact and promo:
Dark Essence Records:
Dark Essence Records Bandcamp:
Dark Essence SoundCloud:
Dark Essence on Facebook:
Dark Essence Records Webshop:
Dark Essence KlickTrack Store:

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Dark Essence Records Label-Night @ Inferno Metal Festival 2015

Dark Essence Records label night - Inferno 2015
Dark Essence Records label night – Inferno 2015

The annual Dark Essence Records Label Night during the Inferno Metal Festival will take place on April 1st 2015.

Doors open at 20:00
Venue: BLÅ (Directions here)

Times for tomorrow’s shows will be as follows;

21:00 Galar
22:30 Momentum
23:30 Krakow
00:50 Taake

We look forward to celebrating Infernos 15th anniversary!

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Inferno Festival 2015

It has become tradition for Dark Essence Records to host a labelnight at Blå during the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway. The next Dark Essence Records labelnight is now scheduled to take place on April 1st 2015.

For the Dark Essence Records labelnight we will be bring with us Norwegian black metal band TAAKE, doomish progressive stoner metal band KRAKOW, the melodic folk black metal band GALAR and Iceland the progressive metal band MOMENTUM!

We hope that you’ll come and join us at Blå if you are in Oslo Easter 2015!

Read more at the Inferno Festival’s webpage;

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TaakeTourPosterPR Norwegian Black Metallers TAAKE are set to embark on a headlining tour in October of this year. The eleven date tour will span four countries – the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Supporting TAAKE on all the dates will be VALKYRJA and NOCTEM.

Routing, for what will be called the Kulde Tour, as follows:

16 Oct: Luka, Lodz, PL
17 Oct: Pod Minoga, Poznan, PL
18 Oct: Baroeg, Rotterdam, NL
19 Oct: Iduna, Drachten, NL
20 Oct: Helvete, Oberhausen, DE
21 Oct: Firlej, Wroclaw, PL
22 Oct: Barrak Music Club, Ostrava, CZ
23 Oct: F-Haus, Jena, DE
24 Oct: Phantoms of Pilsen Festival, Pilsen, CZ
25 Oct: Mega Club, Katowice, PL
26 Oct: Progresja, Warsaw, PL

Additionally, on the 4th of October TAAKE will headline at Norwegian Hellcamp, a first of its kind festival whose lineup features some of the top Norwegian bands at the extreme end of the spectrum. Norwegian Hellcamp will take place at the Stadthalle in Schweinfurt, Germany, and also appearing alongside TAAKE will be VULTURE INDUSTRIES, RAGNAROK, SARKOM, ENDEZZMA, SLAGMAUR, AURA NOIR and DEN SAAKALDTE.

Dark Essence Records recently announced that TAAKE would be releasing a new album later this year, and further information will be available shortly. From feedback received from the recent listening session the label held at the Beyond the Gates Festival in Bergen, where a few tracks from the album were played, it is clear that even after over twenty years TAAKE’s iconic frontman and founder Hoest continues to bring freshness and originality to the scene with his unique brand of Helnorsk Svartmetall.

More information about TAAKE can be found on the band’s website at or on their Facebook page at

Eight tracks from TAAKE can be heard below and on the band’s SoundCloud page at


The official video for the track “Nordbundet” from the TAAKE album “Noregs Vaapen” can be seen below and at or embedded using the following code:

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IMG_20130730_113128Sweden’s self-styled Alfapokalyptic Rockers ALFAHANNE, whose debut full-length album was released earlier this year on Dark Essence Records, are back in the studio preparing for their next album. With guest vocalists like TAAKE’s Hoest, SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth and HELHEIM’s V’gandr on their debut “Alfapokalyps” – names that make most fans of extreme metal sit up and take notice – many are wondering what the band will pull out of its bag for its follow up, so guitarist Fredrik Sööberg took time out from working on the new material to give a hint about what to expect.

“ALFHANNE has never been a band that does things the way others do them. So when it comes to the process of recording a follow up album to “Alfapokalypse” we do it our way, regardless of expectations. We do not record demos or pre-productions. We just jam the shit out of our equipment until we have a song we feel we can perform properly on an album. Then we record it. As with “Alfapokalyps” we record the material live and most often it is the first take that ends up on the album. We believe that if we can’t get it right straight away, who are we to call ourselves musicians?

“ALFAHANNE is not about perfection and order. Quite the opposite. We are about emotions and chaos. The process of writing new material is as always quite easy for us. After releasing our first album we had so much inspiration left in us that we just kept going. Always inspired by the darkness that lies within the depth of humanity and the rotten illusion of our society. The songs just pop up like a big middle finger in the face of the world.

“As I write this, August has come to a close and we are about halfway through the recording, which, again as with “Alfapokalyps”, we are doing on our own, in our own Dödskult Studio, and we will continue the recording process during this fall/winter when we are not busy playing live. We can also reveal that our new album will have guest appearances by vocalists who we find suitable for our particular style of music, which we call Alfapokalyptic rock. As far as the sound is concerned we just have one thing to say: ALFAHANNE is always ALFAHANNE and we will always have our own distinctive sound. One thing we can safely say, however, is that this album will for sure be the best album released since “Alfapokalyps”.”

ALFAHANNE can claim a lineup of musicians that have been on the Black Metal scene since the early ’90’s in bands such as VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT, and Pehr Skioldhammer on Vocals and Guitar, Fredrik Sööberg on Guitars, Niklas Åström on Drums and Jimmy Wiberg on Bass have proved well-able to win over audiences wherever they have played, which includes a series of festival appearances during 2014. Formed in 2010, ALFAHANNE’s sound is a high energy mix of Black Metal, Classic Rock and Punk, a sound that was interesting enough to convince SHINING to join the band on the 2013 7″ split “Grym” release, after which, ALFAHANNE joined the formidable roster of Norway’s Dark Essence Records.

Upcoming appearances confirmed for ALFAHANNE as follows:
12 Sept, John Dee, Oslo (supporting VULTURE INDUSTRIES)
27 Sept, Morkaste Smaland Festival, Metropol, Hultsfred, Sweden
07 Nov, On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
08 Nov, Dog’s Home, Tampere, Finland
19-21 Feb, Blastfest, Bergen, Norway (exact running order TBA)
09 May, Incineration Festival, London, England

More information about ALFAHANNE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Several tracks from ALFAHANNE, including tracks featuring TAAKE’s Hoest, HELHEIM’s V’gandr and SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth, can be heard here:

Fan-filmed video of ALFAHANNE performing the track “Indiehora” from their 2014 album “Alfapokalypse”, live on stage with HELHEIM’s V’gandr can be seen here:

Alfahanne on Facebook:
Alfahanne on Reverbnation:
Alfahanne on YourTube:
Alfahanne on SoundCloud:
Band Contact:
Management & PR:

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS plans to make their annual Inferno Festival event a little different this year when they join forces with sister label KARISMA RECORDS to showcase two of their bands each at Blå on Wednesday 16th April. “We are always conscious of the fact that while many of Dark Essence’s artists such as TAAKE tour frequently, and fans in Europe have a good chance of seeing them live, the Karisma artists tend to tour much less, so we thought that this year we would open up the event to give their fans a chance to see some of them, and introduce them to Dark Essence’s fans at the same time”, commented the label’s Martin Kvam.

Representing Dark Essence will be two bands whose recent releases have been getting rave reviews from press and fans alike. First up will be SLEGEST, the new project from former VREID guitarist Ese, who has skilfully blended classic heavy rock and old-school black metal to produce a sound that is both dark and sinister, and with an unmistakably down and dirty catchy groove that weaves its way through the music. Originally started as a one-man project, once the debut full-length album “Løyndom” was released at the end of 2013, it quickly became clear that the demand from fans to see SLEGEST perform live was such that Ese was persuaded to form a fully functioning band. More information about SLEGEST can be found here.

The official video for the track “Ho Som Haustar Aleine” from SLEGEST’s “Løyndom” can be seen here.

Joining them will be Sweden’s ALFAHANNE, whose lineup includes members of bands such as VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT, and who have come together to play what they themselves have called ”Alfapocalyptic Rock”, a fascinating and hard-hitting mix of Black Metal, Classic Rock and Punk with some Goth influences. Their high-energy live performances have garnered them much praise. Making a guest appearance on stage with ALFAHANNE, will be HELHEIM’s V’gandr who performed vocals on one of the tracks from the band’s new album “Alfapokalyps”. It is a tribute to ALFAHANNE that they were able to attract not only V’gandr to make a guest appearance on the album, but also Dark Essence label-mates Hoest from TAAKE and Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING. More information about ALFAHANNE can be found here.

The track “Såld På Mörkret” from ALFAHANNE’s album ”Alfapocalyptic Rock” and which features TAAKE’s Hoest on guest vocals can be heard here
Making an appearance for Karisma will be two bands, representing the new and the established. Lovers of Prog Rock cannot fail to recognise the name of AIRBAG, a band known the world-over for an exquisite musical craftsmanship that enables its musicians to create a sonic experience ranging from massive walls of sound, to ambient textures and soulful soundscapes, both in the studio and on stage. The release of AIRBAG’s third full-length album “The Greatest Show on Earth” at the end of last year confirmed the band’s status in the world of prog, earning them many accolades. Inferno will be one of the very few chancesthat to catch this incredible band live this year so it is an opportunity that should not be missed. One for fans of ANATHEMA. More information about AIRBAG can be found here.

The title track from AIRBAG’s album “The Greatest Show on Earth” can be heard here.

The second of the Karisma bands is one of their latest signings, SEVEN IMPALE. The release of the digital EP “Beginning/Relieve” last year gave an indication of the multi-faceted nature of these young musicians. With its member drawn from a range of disciplines including classical orchestra, big band, metal, jazz, rock and electronic music, their sound ranges from progressive and jazzy to the softer and more melodic to the harder and edgier. They bring a freshness and enthusiasm to their live performances, and it is anticipated that their debut full-length album later this year will more than meet expectations, setting them apart from many other new arrivals on the scene. If you are a fan of Norway’s SHINING, SEVEN IMPALE is definitely a band you will want to check out. More information about SEVEN IMPALE can be found here.
The title track from SEVEN IMPALE’s “Beginning/Relieve” EP can be heard here.

Scheduled performances for the Dark Essence Records / Karisma Records artists at Inferno Festival, which will take place at Blå, Brennereiven 9C, Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday 16th April as follows:

Seven Impale: 20:20
Slegest: 21:25
Alfahanne: 22:30
Airbag: 23:45

Karisma Records
Facebook – Seven Impale
SoundCloud – Seven Impale
Contact and Promo Requests:

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS has announced details of “Alfapokalyps”, the upcoming album from Swedish rockers ALFAHANNE. The ten-track album will be the debut full-length release from ALFAHANNE, a name that is relatively new on the scene compared to some of the label’s more venerable artists, yet it is a band that has managed to tempt the likes of TAAKE’s Hoest, SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth, and HELHEIM’s V’gandr to make guest appearances on “Alfapokalyps”.
Set to hit the streets on the 10th of February, “Alfapokalyps” was mixed by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus Studio. Artwork is by Mikael Skoog.

Track listing as follows:

1. Bättre Dar – guest vocals from Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING)
2. Ormar Af Satan
3. Såld På Mörkret – guest vocals from Hoest (TAAKE)
4. Dödskult
5. Rocken Dör
6. Syndarnas Flod
7. Alfa Hordes
8. Indiehora – guest vocals from V’gandr (HELHEIM, TAAKE)
9. Där Drömmarna Dör
10. Alla Ska Mé

Formed in 2010, ALFAHANNE’s debut release came in 2013 with the release of the “Grym” split 7” with Sweden’s SHINING. ALFAHANNE plays what its members describe as ”Alfapocalyptic Rock”, which mixes Black Metal with Classic Rock and Punk, all topped off with some Goth influences. It is music that is both powerful and beautiful whilst at the same time is ugly, and about which the band says: “When you are into it you don´t feel pleasure and you don´t feel pain but you definitely FEEL”. Whilst ALFAHANNE might be a fairly new name to a lot of people, the band’s members, which include Pehr Skioldhammer on Vocals and Guitar, Fredrik Sööberg on Guitars, Niklas Åström on Drums and Jimmy Wiberg on Bass, have been around the Black Metal scene since the early ‘90’s, playing in bands like VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT.

ALFAHANNE’s next live appearance will be on the 16th of April at the DARK ESSENCE RECORDS Club Night at the Inferno Festival in Oslo. They are also set to appear at the Tons of Rock Festival alongside SABATON, SEPULTURA and SOILWORK in June.

More information about ALFAHANNE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

”Dödsmaskinen” an original demo track from ALFAHANNE and featuring Niklas Kvarforth can be heard here:

Alfahanne – Dödsmaskinen(feat. Niklas Kvarforth)(demo) by alfahanne

Tracks from all of DARK ESSENCE RECORDS releases can be heard here:


Dark Essence SoundCloud:
Dark Essence on Facebook:
Dark Essence Records Webshop:
Alfahanne on Facebook:
Alfahanne on Reverbnation:
Alfahanne on YourTube:
Alfahanne on SoundCloud:
Band Contact:
Booking and Press:

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Sweden’s SHINING is set to headline the “Razors Over Europe 2013 Tour” (a nod in the direction of the band’s 2007 tour “Razors Across Europe” with URGHEAL) which will take place over 17 dates during November and December of this year. Norwegian Black Metallers CREST OF DARKNESS, who, like management roster-mates SHINING, will be touring with a new album, and Swedish Thrashers STERBHAUS, are set to support the tour which is presented by Catapult Promotion. Routing confirmed so far for the “Razors Over Europe 2013 Tour” as follows:

22 – Tiyatrom, Berlin, Germany
23 – Skullcrusher, Dresden, Germany
24 – Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
25 – Gala Hala, Ljubljana, Slovenia
26 – Freak Out Club, Bologna, Italy
27 – TBA, Switzerland
28 – Ninkasi Kao, Lyon, France
29 – Secret Place, Montpellier, France
30 – Nouveau Casino, Paris, France
01 – Effenaar, Eindhoven
02 – Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium
03 – Electrowerkz, London, England
04 – Lomax, Liverpool, England
05 – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton, England
06 – Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Eire
07 – TBA, UK
08 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland

SHINING is a band that needs no introduction, particularly to fans of Black Metal and DSBM, for whom NIKLAS KVARFORTH’s unruly child has been a yardstick for superb musicianship, skilled writing, and a complete disregard for the artificial rules placed on the genres by a generation of fans who only became aware of Black Metal long after the band was formed back in 1996. Never a band to stick to a repetitive formula when playing live, SHINING’s performances are emotionally charged and “of the moment”, with audiences always wondering what to expect next from one of the scene’s most dynamic frontmen. SHINING has a new full-length album, “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd”, due out on Dark Essence Records on the 23rd September, which features guest vocals from some of the elite of Black Metal including ATTILA CSIHAR (MAYHEM, TORMENTOR), MANIAC (SKITLIV, EX MAYHEM), GAAHL (GOD SEED, WARDRUNA, TRELLDOM, EX GORGOROTH),FAMINE (PESTE NOIRE) and PEHR LARSSON (ALFAHANNE, a track from which can be heard at More information about SHINING can be found at

Nine tracks from SHINING can be heard at here:

The official video for the track “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt” from SHINING’s album “VII / Född Förlorare” can be seen here:

Shining is available for interview throughout the tour. Please contact to arrange.

Shining Website:
Niklas Kvarforth Website:
Shining on Facebook:
Shining Webshop:
Shining on SoundCloud:
Official YouTube Channel:
Management and PR:


Live photo: © and All Rights Reserved

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Bergen-based DARK ESSENCE RECORDS, the Norwegian label whose roster features not only some of the most respected and long- standing Black and Extreme Metal artists in the business, but also some of the most talented upcoming bands, showcases no less than seven of its bands at this year’s Inferno Festival. One of Europe’s foremost music festivals Inferno takes place annually in Oslo, and this year runs for four days from the 27th to the 30th March

Opening night of the festival, which is effectively the club night, sees four of the bands appearing at Blå. Post Rockers KRAKOW (, whose critically acclaimed sophomore album “diin” was release in Autumn of last year, kick off the evening at 21:00, followed by Melodic Extreme Metallers COR SCORPII (, who are currently working on their next album. Third band on will be VULTURE INDUSTRIES ( ), a band whose skilled interpretation of avant-garde extreme metal, coupled with the highly theatrical and manic performance of frontman Bjornar Nilsen, makes for a fascinating live show. Topping the bill will be HELHEIM ( ) one of the original Norwegian Viking Metal bands who celebrate their historical roots both in their music and in the visual effects used in their live performances, and who have been together for over twenty years. Information about how to get to Blå can be found at

Thursday 28th sees another band celebrate its twentieth anniversary when TAAKE headlines on the Rockefeller stage at 23:00. TAAKE frontman HOEST will also be holding a signing session at 15:00 in the Shadowland record store (, Torggata 36 (200 meters from the Rockefeller). Formed in 1993, TAAKE’s contribution to the Norwegian Black Metal Scene has been considerable; with founder Hoest remaining true to his Black Metal roots, whilst still being able to breathe life and originality into the genre even after twenty years. The band recently released “Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner” (Tombs, Crowns and Thrones), a double Anniversary CD which feature exclusive new tracks as well as rare and previously unreleased material, alternative versions of previously released tracks and recordings that have, until now, only been available on vinyl. More information about TAAKE at

AETERNUS will hit the Rockeffeler stage on Friday 29th at 19:45, a few days in advance of the release of “…And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth”, the band’s seventh full-length album. Founded in 1993 by guitarist and frontman Ares, AETERNUS has re-emerged seven years after the release of their last album “Hexaeon” with a new line up that comprises Ares on guitars and vocals, Phobos (GRAVDAL, MALSAIN) on drums and Specter on guitars. One of the pioneers of what the band calls “Dark Metal”, AETERNUS’ sound combines features from both Black Metal and Death Metal with superlative guitar playing and occasional haunting, melodic interludes. More information about AETERNUS can be found at

Saturday 30th, the last day of the festival, also sees the last of the DARK ESSENCE RECORDS bands to appear. HADES ALMIGHTY will play on the Rockefeller Stage at 19:45, and incidentally they were one of the bands who performed at the very first Inferno Festival in 2001. Apart from the occasional live appearance from the trio of Janto on Bass and Lead Vocals, Jorn on Guitars and Synth and Remi on Drums and vocals, things have been relatively quiet since the re-release in 2004 of their 2001 classic “The Pulse of Decay”, but the band has been busy behind the scenes working on the next album. More information about HADES ALMIGHTY can be found at

Tracks from all the releases of the above bands on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS can be heard on SoundCloud at or embedded using the following code:


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Aeternus teams up with The Mythology Agency

Dark Metallers AETERNUS, who are currently in the studio with producer Bjornar E. Nilsen recording what will be their seventh full-length album, have joined forces with the UK based Mythology Agency who will represent the band’s booking interests world-wide outside of their home country of Norway. Mythology ‘s Mark Lewis stated: “For many years AETERNUS have been a driving force in the Norwegian underground, quite possibly one of the first (second wave) bands to understand the limitations of the term “Black Metal” whilst retaining their destructive heaviness and dark aesthetic with authenticity. This is a criminally underrated band despite having an incredible back catalogue and dedicated fans throughout the world. There can be no doubt that a re-appreciation of their work by the metal press is long overdue – and as a result this is exactly the type of band that excites me personally. With a refreshed line-up and much anticipated new album being recorded Mythology are extremely proud and excited to being working with the band. “With wisdom we walk, with might we slay!”

AETERNUS was formed in Bergen in 1993 by guitarist and frontman Ares and is one of the pioneers of what the band calls “Dark Metal”, which meshes the sounds of Black Metal and Death Metal with superlative guitar playing and occasional haunting, melodic interludes. With seven years between the release of the band’s last album “Hexaeon” and the upcoming “And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth”, which is set for release later this year on Dark Essence Records, AETERNUS re-emerged recently with a new lineup that includes GRAVDAL members Phobos on drums and Specter on guitars. Following a stunning live comeback performance at the Hub and Huey festival in the Netherlands last month Ares commented, “Talking to Mark convinced us that he understood exactly what AETERNUS was all about, and the collaboration with Mythology couldn’t have come at a better time because AETERNUS is back with a vengeance and ready not only to remind our old fans of what they have been missing, but also show a whole generation of new fans the intensity and power that AETERNUS brings to everything we do.” More information about AETERNUS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Ten tracks from AETERNUS and can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud page at

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Galar, Cor Scorpii and Batallion
hits the road for two exclusive dates

This unholy trinity spaning the width of the Dark Essence catalogue will hit the road for two exclusive european dates this October. The package will hit Festung Bitterfeld in Germany on Friday the 28’th where they will join forces with local thrashers Trimonium. For the following day, Phantoms Of Pilsen 5, a anual festival in Plzen in the Czech Republic is due for destruction. Here the bands will perform alongside bands like Dornenreich, Panychida and Agrypnie.
Festung Bitterfeld
Phantoms of Pilsen 5