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Black Metal sales campaign

Black Metal Sales Campaign - Dark Essence Records

We’re continuing our summer sale campaign and this week we’ll focus on our Black Metal bands.

Back in the early 90’s, some characters in the Black Metal scene managed to put Bergen and the genre on the musical map, and there was a lot of focus, both from the national and international press, around the Black Metal genre, Bergen and Norway. You know what we talk about, so let’s not dwell on that stuff. What’s interesting here is the music, and there were some really great bands that came out of both Bergen and of course Norway in general (too many names to mention). The people behind the bands and the people behind Dark Essence Records, were friends before the label started and we used to hang out at the gigs, the Hole in the Sky festival (now Beyond the Gates) and of course at the Garage music pub. It’s quite fitting that the Dark Essence office is in the same building as the now closed down Garage, and now we usually meet at the Apollon record bar across the street.

Taake is the biggest band on Dark Essence Records, and undoubtedly the most known band too.

TAAKE’s 7 Fjell Box is on the Black metal summer sales campaign

Taake was one of the first bands we signed to Dark Essence Records, together with Hades Almighty and Nidigr, and they helped us kick start the label. So, we’re pleased to have many of the Taake cds, vinyl, box set and merchandise in this campaign. Another early signing to the label was the then young Bergen band Malsain, featuring among others Phobos (Aeternus, Gravdal, Gorgoroth live ++) on drums. We did two albums with Malsain, and their 2nd album is available here. A later signing was The 3rd Attempt, a band consisting of both the original Carpathian Forest guitarists.

Other newer Norwegian bands in the genre we’ve worked with was Sarkom where we did their 3rd and 4th album, and then we recently signed the Oslo band Acârash. We just released their 2nd album, so only their debut is available in this campaign. Greece has had a similar Black Metal tradition to Norway, and we’ve worked with a couple of Greek bands, like the debut from Ravencult (that album is sold out) and the the debut from band Lucifer’s Child, a band consisting of ex-Rotting Christ and Nightfall members. Other non-Norwegian bands was the first album from the British band Skaldic Curse (a band introduced to us by Hoest of Taake), featuring Fen members, and recently we released the 4th album by Italian band Darkend.

Let’s backtrack a bit to Taake, since we’ve done the two latest albums with the band Orkan. This band is the brainchild of Gjermund Fredheim (live guitarist and banjo hero for Taake) and Rune Nesse (live drummer for Taake). So there’re quite a strong connection between musicians in various band constellations and Dark Essence Records.

And last but not least, even though they’re strictly not Black Metal, we look at first Helheim album, “Jormundgand”, as a Black Metal classic and includes this one here.

From Wednesday the 3rd of June till Tuesday 9th of June (at 23.59 CET), you will get the following items with a 33,3 % discount.

Taake – …Doedskvad (cd)
Taake – Taake (cd)
Taake – Taake (black vinyl)
Taake – Noregs Vaapen (cd)
Taake – Stridens Hus (cd)
Taake – Kong Vinter (cd)
Taake – Kong Vinter (vinyl)
Taake – misc. merchandise
Taake – 7 Fjell (vinyl box)
Helheim – Jormundgand (cd)
Malsain – The Disease (cd)
Hades Almighty/Drudkh – Pyre, Era Black! (split-vinyl)
The 3rd Attempt – Born in Thorns (cd)
The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path (cd)
The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path (vinyl)
Skaldic Curse – World Suicide Machine (cd)
Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (cd)
Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (vinyl, slightly cover damage 66,6 % discount)
Darkend – Spiritual Resonance (cd)
Darkend – Spiritual Resonance (vinyl)
Orkan – Livlaus (cd)
Orkan – Element (cd)
Sarkom – Doomsday Elite (cd)
Sarkom – Anti-Cosmic Art (cd)
Sarkom – Anti-Cosmic Art (t-shirt)
Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned (cd)
Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned (vinyl)

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1Dark Essence Records have announced March 16th as the release date for “De gjenlevende”, the new album from Norwegian Black-Folk Metallers GALAR. The album, which will be the band’s 3rd full-length, was recorded at the Conclave and Earshot Studio in Bergen with producer and VULTURE INDUSTRIES frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen handling the recording and mixing , whilst the mastering is by ENSLAVED’s Herbrand Larsen. Artwork for the album is by Robert Høyem of graphic designers Overhaus. The track “Tusen kall til solsang ny” from “De gjenlevende”, has been debuted today and can be heard at

Joining the lineup for the album is Phobos (AETERNUS, GRAVDAL, MALSAIN) who was once again drafted in to handle the drums, as well as several session musicians including both a string quintet and a horn quartet – unusual elements that are ideally suited to the epic nature of the six-track concept album. Track listing for “De gjenlevende”, which is sung entirely in Norwegian, but which is accompanied by an explanatory booklet in English, as follows:

1. De gjenlevende
2. Natt … og taust et forglemt liv
3. Bøkens hymne
4. Ljós
5. Gjeternes tunge steg
6. Tusen kall til solsang ny

Whilst “De gjenlevende” loses nothing of the epic grandeur that fans have come to expect from the band, this time GALAR also delve further into their harsher and more extreme sound alongside their trademark symphonic elements. As the band’s lyricist Jorge Blutaar recently explained, the concept for “De gjenlevende” is inspired by Pan-European folklore, ontology, and elegies. “Its five contemplative texts tell of the utter dreadfulness that haunts both the human mind and body when the season of winter holds every living thing in its grasp. Winter is the time of utter gloom, enfeeblement and inescapable death, which challenges mankind, beasts and plants equally. Yet, as long as there is life, there is hope, and eventually a new era of the Sun will bring to an end the seemingly eternal darkness of winter. With the arrival of spring hope and life will flourish once more. It is a portrayal of this cyclical process of transformation that is as old as the history of mankind itself”.

GALAR’s founders M. Kristiansen (screams, guitars and bass) and A. B. Lauritzen (clean vocals, bassoon and grand piano) recently announced that they had expanded the band’s lineup to include drummer Tomas Myklebust (ex-EMANCER, live session drums with VULTURE INDUSTRIES and VRIED), and have also added live session member Pól Nolsøe Jespersen on lead guitars. The first time the new lineup will hit the stage will be at Inferno Festival in Oslo on the 1st of April at the Dark Essence Records label night at Blå, alongside label-mates TAAKE, KRAKOW and MOMENTUM.

More information about GALAR can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

“De gjenlevende” is available to pre order from DARK ESSENCE RECORDS at or direct from GALAR at

Five tracks from GALAR, including “Tusen kall til solsang ny” from “De gjenlevende”, can be heard here:


Fan-filmed footage of GALAR performing the track “Ingen Siger Vart Vunnin” at the Phantoms of Pilsen Festival in 2011 can be seen here:

The DARK ESSENCE RECORDS SoundCloud player contains tracks from all the label’s releases and can be found here:


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Galar Facebook:
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Dark Essence SoundCloud:
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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS proudly presents TAAKE’s sixth full-lenght studioalbum ‘Stridens Hus’

“Stridens hus” takes the unique Taake sound and develops it further. Still true to the spirit of the old Norwegian Black Metal, Hoest breathes new life into the genre by introducing different elements that ensure the sound remains fresh and relevant. Some parts are more groove and rock orientated, whilst some have a distinctly punk attitude. However, this is still unmistakably Taake and, as always, we’re treated to a varied album with intense, unique and unpredictable dynamics.

Once again, Hoest plays all the instruments himself, but this time the Taake live band has contributed to the recording, alongside producer and DARK ESSENCE’s own Bjørnar E. Nilsen.


To purchase this album as physical product from webshop (creditcard/ Paypal): Click here

Listen to or stream the album in your preferred digital music service by clicking here:

Dark Essence Records releases Taake's Stridens Hus
Dark Essence Records releases Taake’s Stridens Hus

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS releases new EP from TAAKE called 'Kulde'.


As a warm-up to the upcoming Taake fullenght studioalbum “Stridens Hus” – DARK ESSENCE RECORDS is happy to release a new TAAKE EP. The EP is called “KULDE” (English: Cold). It contains exclusive new material from Taake and a cover of The Cure.

You can listen to Kulde in the digital music service of your choice via this link:

The EP is also released physically in a limited edition (700 copies only!). You can order a copy autographed by Hoest

New EP 'Kulde' released in digital format by Dark Essence Records Photo by Nekrographie
New EP ‘Kulde’ released in digital format by Dark Essence Records Photo by Nekrographie
New EP from TAAKE 'Kulde' released  on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS Photo by Stig Pallesen - StiPa Photography
New EP from TAAKE ‘Kulde’ released on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS
Photo by Stig Pallesen – StiPa Photography

KULDE – Track list:

(From the upcoming full length album)
(New track exclusive for this release)
(The Cure cover, featuring Vrangsinn on vocals)
(Re-recorded track from the 1995 demo tape)

The EP is also released physically in a limited edition (700 copies only!). You can order a copy autographed by Hoest here:

TAAKE  'STRIDENS HUS' Cover. Upcoming release by Dark Essence Records
TAAKE ‘STRIDENS HUS’ Cover. Upcoming release by Dark Essence Records
Dark Essence Records
Dark Essence Records