Taake, 7 Fjell (Vinyl Box set)

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This career-spanning, limited edition box set is a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies, and contain seven picture discs that comprise all of TAAKE’s full-length albums to date:

1. Nattestid….
2. …Bjoergvin…
3. …Doedskvad
4. Taake
5. Noregs Vaapen
6. Stridens Hus
7. Kong Vinter

Each individual disc of seven tracks each (no bonus tracks), come sin a die-cut sleeve.
Also included in the box is be a TAAKE slip mat for your record player!
Of the seven albums, the last four have never before been released as picture discs.

“7 Fjell”, which translated means “7 Mountains”, is a reference to both the seven mountains
that surround Bergen, as well as the seven albums themselves.
With artwork by HELHEIM’s H’grimnir, based on a photo by Peter Beste,

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