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On the eve of the release of their sophomore full-length album “Livlaus”, Norwegian Black Metallers ORKAN have debuted a second track from the album. The track “Uforgjengeleg” features TAAKE frontman and founder Hoest on guest vocals. It can be heard below and at

“Livlaus”, which is out on Dark Essence Records on the 11th September, is a concept album that takes as its subject the efforts of a lost soul to find peace in the Kingdom of the Dead, and was inspired by the forests and sulphur mines that surround Stord, the hometown of drummer Rune Nesse. With a much darker and uncompromising feel than its predecessor “Crimson Canvas”, “Livlaus” was recorded live in the studio, with vocals added later, to create an album filled with atmospheric melodies, haunting vocals and intense blast beats.

The seven-track album was mixed by Iver Sandoy at the Solslottet Studio and mixed by ENSLAVED’s Herbrand Larsen at the Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen. Aside from Hoest, “Livlaus” also features a guest appearance from TAAKE bassist V’gandr (HELHEIM). Artwork is by Tom Korsvold. Track listing as follows:

1. Fanden På Veggen
2. Brende Bruer, Svart Metall
3. Livlaus del 1: Evig
4. Livlaus del 2: Dødens Dal
5. Livlaus del 3: Tusen Sjeler
6. Uforgjengeleg
7. Skodde


ORKAN was originally founded in 2008 by TAAKE’s live guitarist Gjermund Fredheim and ex- BYFROST drummer Rune Nesse, and the lineup was completed with the addition of former GRIMNORTH bassist Sindre Hillesdal and frontman Einar Fjelldal (ex-GRAVEMACHINE). It is this lineup that will join the upcoming TAAKE European tour along with Dark Essence Records label-mates KRAKOW and the 3RD ATTEMP, as well as DOMINANZ. Routing as follows:

29 Sep TAAKE + KRAKOW + ORKAN – From Hell, Erfurt (DE)
30 Sep: TAAKE + KRAKOW + ORKAN – Viper Room, Wien (AT)
01 Oct: TAAKE + KRAKOW + ORKAN – Gala Hala, Ljubljana (SLO)
02 Oct: TAAKE + KRAKOW + ORKAN – Alchemica Club, Bologna (IT)
03 Oct: TAAKE + KRAKOW + ORKAN – Circolo Colony, Brescia (IT)
04 Oct: TAAKE + KRAKOW + ORKAN – Altherax, Nice (FR)
05 Oct: TAAKE + KRAKOW + THE 3’RD ATTEMPT + ORKAN – Razz 3, Barcelona (ES)
06 Oct: TAAKE + THE 3’RD ATTEMPT + ORKAN + DOMINANZ – Caracol, Madrid (ES)
07 Oct: TAAKE + ORKAN + DOMINANZ – UBU, Rennes (FR)
08 Oct: TAAKE + THE 3’RD ATTEMPT + ORKAN + DOMINANZ – Glazart, Paris (FR)
09 Oct: TAAKE + THE 3’RD ATTEMPT + ORKAN + DOMINANZ – Underworld, London (UK)
10 Oct: TAAKE + ORKAN + DOMINANZ – Neushoorn, Leeuwarden (NL)
11 Oct: TAAKE + ORKAN + DOMINANZ – Luxor, – Arnhem (NL)

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More information about ORKAN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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Fan-filmed footage of ORKAN playing the track “Deus Vicit” from their debut album “Crimson Canvas”, at CCO in Lyon during their tour with TAAKE and HELHEIM in 2013 can be seen below and at

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