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“Beginning/Relieve”, the first release on Karisma Records from the label’s latest signing SEVEN IMPALE, is set to appear world-wide on the 5th April. The five-track EP will be released digitally, and serves as an appetiser for SEVEN IMPALE’s debut full-length album, which the band will shortly begin recording at the Duper Studios in Bergen. Iver Sandøy, who produced KRAKOW’s “diin” and co-produced ENSLAVED’s “Riitiir”, will be at the helm. The title track from “Beginning/Relieve” was recently debuted on Karisma Record’s SoundCloud page and can be heard at at

Formed in Bergen, Norway in 2010, SEVEN IMPALE’s relatively young lineup consists of Stian Økland on vocals and guitars, Fredrik Mekki Widerøe on drums, Benjamin Mekki Widerøe on sax, Tormod Fosso on bass, Erlend Vottvik Olsen on guitar and Håkon Vinje on keyboards. What sets the band apart from many of the new arrivals on the scene is the diversity of musical disciplines that the members bring with them. From classical orchestra to big band, metal to jazz and rock to electronic, SEVEN IMPALE have fused all their experience and influences and created a sound that is uniquely theirs. From the hard-hitting “Blind To All” to the progressive and jazzy “What Am I Sane For?” and the softer “Measure 15”, “Beginning/Relieve” shows some of the many sides of the band and is the perfect introduction for the great things fans can expect from them.

Track listing for “Beginning/Relieve” as follows:
1. Mind Riot
2. Blind to All
3. Beginning/Relieve
4. Measure 15
5. What am I Sane For?

More information about SEVEN IMPALE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Tracks from Karisma Records releases, including SEVEN IMPALE’s “Beginning/Relieve” can be heard at