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Dark Essence Records have inked a deal with Norwegian Occult Hard Rockers ACÂRASH, and will release their debut full-length album on a date as yet to be announced.

Formed in Oslo in the fall of 2016, ACÂRASH’s lineup is comprised of Sølve Sæther on drums, Lukas Paulsen on guitars and Anlov P. Mathiesen on bass and vocals. Founded on the pillars of the 80s and 90s avant-garde rockers THE VOID, ACÂRASH draws its inspiration from a variety of sources, including bands such as LONELY KAMEL, ZECTION8, FAUSTUS and DEEP REST.

Blending hard rock, doom and black metal,  ACÂRASH is a band that embraces tradition yet manages to forge a sound that it uniquely theirs. It is a sound where esoteric poetry and ritualistic contemplation are central to the music, and mirror the nuances in both sound and musical contrasts.

With their debut album, Acârash reinvents and preserves, delivering a record that explores and develops the boundaries of rock and metal, and naturally alternates between raw catchiness, dark introspection, and progressive playfulness.

Whilst full details of the album, which will be titled “In Chaos Becrowned”, will be announced shortly, it can, however, be revealed that it has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem at the Caliban Studios in Oslo, to produce a sound that fits the sharp delivery and the crispness of the music to perfection.

More information about  ACÂRASH can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A series of short teaser videos from ACÂRASH’s debut full-length album “In Chaos Becrowned” can be seen on Facebook at