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Dark Essence Records have announced today that they have welcomed NYRST onto their roster and will be releasing the debut full-length album from the Icelandic Black Metallers  in 2020.

Formed in the winter of 2013, NYRST released their first demo in 2016.  The demo garnered praise for the band’s use of diverse vocals and chilling atmosphere, whilst NYRST’s  mystic and haunting stage performances have gained them respect as  a live band in the metal scene of their native Iceland

Today’s lineup of Snæbjörn on vocals,  guitarists Eysteinn and Davíð, Egill on bass and Sveinbjörn on drums, pays homage to the bands grim and icy Icelandic heritage by delivering a debut album that promises to be filled with a soundscape that is incredibly cold, stark and barren, whilst its lyrics come straight from old horror literature, laced with cosmic undertones.

NYRST had this to say about their upcoming collaboration with Dark Essence Records:

Nyrst are thrilled to announce that we have joined the Dark Essence Records roster to debut our first album. We draw huge inspiration from various artists on the label so we are extremely honoured to be able to work with this revered label.

Our trust lies with  Dark Essence Records and we believe they are the perfect platform for us to grow and expand our music.

More information about NYRST can be found on the band’s Facebook page at