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Dark Essence Records have today announced details of the upcoming album from one of their latest signings, ATROX. Set for release on the 8th September, and titled “Monocle”, this will be the sixth full-length studio album from the veteran Norwegians.

With “Monocle”, the first album from the band since 2008’s “Binocular”, ATROX are back stronger than ever, having fine tuned their sound so that what was once an atmospheric mix of Death and Doom Metal has become much more progressive, experimental and industrial. It is an album that shows a darker side to the band, with more epic and atmospheric elements than before. Consolidating the unique ATROX sound within the album are catchy and upbeat sections.

Artwork for “Monocle” is by Rune Folgerø and Erik Paulsen. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Mass
2. Vacuum
3. Heat
4. Finger
5. Suicide Days
6. For We Are Many
7. Movie
8. Target

Today’s ATROX lineup comprises Rune Folgerø on Vocals, viNd on Guitars, Rune Sørgård on Guitars & Technology, Tor Arne Helgesen on Drums and Erik Paulsen on Bass, and they recently had some very interesting things to say about “Monocle”:

“Monocle” is our darkest album so far. During the process of creating and recording it we explored, and were exposed to, our darker selves, and what we encountered during this process almost killed us. It left us in a dystopian vacuum and all worn out, but with one hell of a piece of music to present to the world.

“Musically speaking “Monocle” contains poisons that’ll blind you, and poisons that’ll open your eyes.

As William Gibson says in his novel “Neuromancer“: “The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.”

More information about ATROX can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

The time-lapse video of Finnmark and North Troms (Norway), photographed and edited by Randulf Valle and using ATROX’s Den Store Hvite Stillhet / The Great White Silence as a soundtrack can be seen below and at