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Following on from the release of “Afterlife Romance”, the debut full-length album from Romanian artist COSTIN CHIOREANU and Greek singer SOFIA SARRI, which was released last October on Dark Essence Records, the duo put together a live band featuring Sofia Sarri on Vocals, Chioreanu on Guitar, Kostas Stergiou on Keyboards, Petros Lamprides on Bass and Giorgos Pouliasis on Drums, which performed a one-off show in Athens, Greece,  featuring songs from the album.

This special performance took place at Temple in Athens and was filmed by African Astronaut Production House and recorded live at by George Bokos, together with Assistant Live Recording engineer Thanos Zarkalis and Front of House engineer Vagelis Moschos.

The video, which features dancer Anna Fytila on “Dance On The Clouds Floor”, and comprises three songs from the show,  is edited by Costin Chioreanu and Mixed and Mastered by George Bokos at the Grindhouse Studios Athens, can be seen below and at 

CHIOREANU has joined forces with virtual reality wizard ADRIAN TABACARU and is set to take “Afterlife Romance” even further, bringing it to life not just musically, but also visually,  at this year’s Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway. Titled “Midnight Cemetery” this virtual reality tour will allow participants to journey through Choireanu’s music in such a way that will enable them to interact with elements of his personal dark and strange realm

“Midnight Cemetery” will run during the whole of the Inferno Festival which takes place from the 9th to the 12th April, and the stand can be found in the Artists Area of the Rockefeller.

“Afterlife Romance” is  available in CD, Gatefold Vinyl and Digital formats from all the usual retailers, streaming and download services or direct from Dark Essence Records at the following:


Costin Chioreanu & Sofia Sarri - Afterlife Romance

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