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Sales Campaign – Doom and Vikings


Doom and Vikings!!

The last sales campaign from Dark Essence Records for a while will focus on doom and Vikings.

From Wednesday the 23rd of September till Tuesday 29th of September (at 23.59 CET), you will get selected items with a 40% discount in the Dark Essence Records Webshop.

We shouldn’t compare musical styles here, but doom and ragnarok have some similarities, don’t they? Let’s start off with the really heavy shit, with the somewhat super heavy sludge of the ever-progressing Bergen band Krakow. This four piece (with members who plays/played with Gaahl’s Wyrd, Kampfar, AeternusHades Almighty and others), had released one record when they signed to Dark Essence Records and we released “Diin” in 2012 to great reviews. Things got weirder on the follow up album “Amaran” (and the “Genesis” 7”) in 2015, but this one also got very good feedback from the press. Krakow continued to evolve and for their next album, “Minus” (2018), they were more progressive post rock and we moved them over to Karisma Records. Another album that got very well press, and the band went out on tour with the mighty High on Fire. Then the light went out for the band, and they split up in 2019. But hey, the music they recorded is still here, which is something at least.

There’s not too many doom metal bands on the west coast of Norway, so we had to travel the long way to Oslo to find the atmospheric doom trio Superlynx. We signed them for their 2nd album, “New Moon” (2019), which was very well received. We know they’ve spent the covid-19 situation well, so we can expect some new music in the near future. But in meantime you should get a heavy dose of “New Moon”.

Also hailing from Oslo is the six-headed behemoth Dwaal. We got to know them via their “Darben” EP, and just before the covid-19 lockdown we released their double debut album “Gospel of the Vile” to great feedback. We were lucky to see them perform a couple of times before lock down, but those who were looking forward to seeing them on festivals this year have to enjoy the album instead, for the time being.

Back to Bergen, and the album we released where most things went wrong. After he left Enslaved, guitarist Roy Kronheim started the doomy hard rock band Obscure. A good mix of Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Pentagram and Trouble was thrown in the mix, and the band managed to record a great album. When we started the work on the actual release, things really started to fall apart. One thing was putting together the cover, which was a designer’s nightmare. Another thing was the many different masters that was done, and the band picked the wrong one to send to printing. So, the track list on the cd is totally wrong, among quite a few other things. But the album, “On Formaldehyde” (2008), which is good title come to think of it, sounds good and the songs are great. But you might want to program your cd player if you want to hear the songs in the correct order.
Let’s leave the doom and gloom, and continue with some epic ragnarok!

One of the bands we’ve had the pleasure work with from nearly the beginning is Helheim. Actually, V’gandr was one of the founders of Dark Essence Records. Produced by Bjørnar Nilsen (now CEO of Karisma & Dark Essence Records) we released “The Journeys and the Experiences of Death” in 2006, before we re-released the bands first four albums. Then we continued the co-operation with Helheim and we’ve released now 5 more albums, where the latest is their 10th album “Rignir” from 2019. We know more is to come, and we hope to see 10 more albums from these viking metal giants.

Apart from Helheim and Enslaved, there weren’t too many bands in the Bergen region that dabbled with Viking metal – but a duo called Galar had emerged with one self-released album. They joined Dark Essence Records for their 2nd album “Til alle heimsens endar” (2010), which was an epic and grand take on the style, and the reviews were great. They managed to pull together a live band, and did do some shows here and there the following years, before the went and recorded their 3rd album, “De gjenlevende” (2015). This is the last album they’ve done so far, but they’re still active. We hope they’ve used the covid-19 situation well, so there might be more music from the band.

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Old School Metal. Sales Campaign + a lesson in metal history = win-win situation!

Dark Essence Records_Old School Metal Sales Campaign

We hope you’ve had a nice Summer and maybe even a bit of vacation. September is upon us now, and we continue our sale campaign. This week, we will focus on our old-school orientated metal bands.

At Dark Essence Records we’re old metalheads, so we do enjoy the classic metal bands a lot. Hence, it’s only natural that we’ve released some albums with bands that has the good old metal feeling.

The first of these bands we worked with was the Bergen-based band The Batallion, featuring Tore Bratseth from Old Funeral and the Motorhead cover band Bömbers on guitar and vocals. You could also find members from bands like Gaahl’s Wyrd, Grimfist, Taake and Borknagar in this classic band. The two albums we released with The Batallion are filled with testosterone fueled, classic thrash metal, and it’s hard not to bang your head to these records. Unfortunately, the band has been put on ice since 2012, but we hope they might re-emerge again.

Not long after we released the first The Batallion album, we did the first album of Dead To This World, which at the time was a duo consisting of Iscariah (ex-Immortal, ex-Necrophagia) and Kvitrafn Einar Selvik (ex-Gorgoroth, now main composer in Wardruna). The debut “First Strike for Spiritual Renewance” came out in 2007, and was a punch in the face of blackened thrash metal. The band changed a lot of members in that period, before they moved on to our friends at Soulseller Records.

In the summer of 2014 we went to Sweden and found the band Alfahanne, via Hoest in Taake. He had befriended the Swedes, and he introduced us to a band that had a great blackened mix of old-school metal, punk, hard rock and new wave, and they got a lot of recognition for the debut “Alfapokalyps”. We did the 2nd album as well, before they found a new home at our friends at Indie Recordings.

One of the greatest old-school bands from Norway in the recent years is Black Magic, and we were pleased to get the chance to re-release their classic debut, “Wizard’s Spell” in 2019. Originally released in 2014, this one has been hailed as one of the instant classics within the thrash, speed, classic metal world. Now, we’re just waiting for their follow up album to be finished.

To backtrack a bit, and maybe go to a more classic hard rock direction, we have to include the band Bourbon Flame in this campaign. Their only self-titled album was released in 2007, and the band consisted of Janto (ex-Hades Almighty), Ice Dale (Enslaved) and Erik Johnston (ex-Aeternus). Bourbon Flame was a homage of sorts to the bands the members loved when they grew up, but the band was a bit short lived due to the busy schedule of those involved.

We feel that our more death metal orientated bands are sort of in the old school thinking as well –  and since we just mentioned Aeternus, we’d like to offer two of the albums we’ve done with this legendary Bergen band. “…and the Seventh His Soul Detesteth” and “Heathen” were all very well received and stand well within the Aeternus catalogue.

After former Aeternus drummer Erik Johnston quit the band, he joined Sulphur, a band consisting of Øyvind Madsen from Vulture Industries among others. Technical, fast and brutal, both the albums “Thorns in Existence” and “Omens of Doom” got good feedback. It’s been a bit quiet around the band the past few years, but hopefully, something new will come up soon.

Another one-off project, this time started by Vgandr (Helheim, ex-Aeternus, Taake live), was Deathcon (originally called Cult of Catharsis). After a lot of line-up changes, the album “Monotremata” (2006) was a brutal, old-school death metal album, done by members who plays in/has played in bands like Helheim, Aeternus, Taake, Gaahl’s Wyrd, Grimfist and The Batallion among others.

Most of our old-school bands have been from the Bergen area, but there’s one really old school death metal gem which hails from Ukraine. Consisting of members from Drudkh, Blood of Kingu, Precambrian and others, Rattenfänger is a full-blooded old-school death metal band. Their two albums sound like they were written and released in the early 90s, and are as brutal, dark and heavy as you can imagine. All death metal fans should have their albums, “Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum” and “Geisslerlieder” in their collection.

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Black Metal sales campaign

Black Metal Sales Campaign - Dark Essence Records

We’re continuing our summer sale campaign and this week we’ll focus on our Black Metal bands.

Back in the early 90’s, some characters in the Black Metal scene managed to put Bergen and the genre on the musical map, and there was a lot of focus, both from the national and international press, around the Black Metal genre, Bergen and Norway. You know what we talk about, so let’s not dwell on that stuff. What’s interesting here is the music, and there were some really great bands that came out of both Bergen and of course Norway in general (too many names to mention). The people behind the bands and the people behind Dark Essence Records, were friends before the label started and we used to hang out at the gigs, the Hole in the Sky festival (now Beyond the Gates) and of course at the Garage music pub. It’s quite fitting that the Dark Essence office is in the same building as the now closed down Garage, and now we usually meet at the Apollon record bar across the street.

Taake is the biggest band on Dark Essence Records, and undoubtedly the most known band too.

TAAKE’s 7 Fjell Box is on the Black metal summer sales campaign

Taake was one of the first bands we signed to Dark Essence Records, together with Hades Almighty and Nidigr, and they helped us kick start the label. So, we’re pleased to have many of the Taake cds, vinyl, box set and merchandise in this campaign. Another early signing to the label was the then young Bergen band Malsain, featuring among others Phobos (Aeternus, Gravdal, Gorgoroth live ++) on drums. We did two albums with Malsain, and their 2nd album is available here. A later signing was The 3rd Attempt, a band consisting of both the original Carpathian Forest guitarists.

Other newer Norwegian bands in the genre we’ve worked with was Sarkom where we did their 3rd and 4th album, and then we recently signed the Oslo band Acârash. We just released their 2nd album, so only their debut is available in this campaign. Greece has had a similar Black Metal tradition to Norway, and we’ve worked with a couple of Greek bands, like the debut from Ravencult (that album is sold out) and the the debut from band Lucifer’s Child, a band consisting of ex-Rotting Christ and Nightfall members. Other non-Norwegian bands was the first album from the British band Skaldic Curse (a band introduced to us by Hoest of Taake), featuring Fen members, and recently we released the 4th album by Italian band Darkend.

Let’s backtrack a bit to Taake, since we’ve done the two latest albums with the band Orkan. This band is the brainchild of Gjermund Fredheim (live guitarist and banjo hero for Taake) and Rune Nesse (live drummer for Taake). So there’re quite a strong connection between musicians in various band constellations and Dark Essence Records.

And last but not least, even though they’re strictly not Black Metal, we look at first Helheim album, “Jormundgand”, as a Black Metal classic and includes this one here.

From Wednesday the 3rd of June till Tuesday 9th of June (at 23.59 CET), you will get the following items with a 33,3 % discount.

Taake – …Doedskvad (cd)
Taake – Taake (cd)
Taake – Taake (black vinyl)
Taake – Noregs Vaapen (cd)
Taake – Stridens Hus (cd)
Taake – Kong Vinter (cd)
Taake – Kong Vinter (vinyl)
Taake – misc. merchandise
Taake – 7 Fjell (vinyl box)
Helheim – Jormundgand (cd)
Malsain – The Disease (cd)
Hades Almighty/Drudkh – Pyre, Era Black! (split-vinyl)
The 3rd Attempt – Born in Thorns (cd)
The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path (cd)
The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path (vinyl)
Skaldic Curse – World Suicide Machine (cd)
Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (cd)
Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (vinyl, slightly cover damage 66,6 % discount)
Darkend – Spiritual Resonance (cd)
Darkend – Spiritual Resonance (vinyl)
Orkan – Livlaus (cd)
Orkan – Element (cd)
Sarkom – Doomsday Elite (cd)
Sarkom – Anti-Cosmic Art (cd)
Sarkom – Anti-Cosmic Art (t-shirt)
Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned (cd)
Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned (vinyl)

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Hades Almighty Albumart

Head on over to Metal Hammer Official to hear the upcoming HADES ALMIGHTY EP ‘Pyre Era, Black’ in its entirety before release. Pretty good way to start the weekend we think!

Head on over to check out what Metal Hammer thinks about the EP and to listen to the EP in full.


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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS invites you to attend our annual listening session where we present our fall 2015 album releases. As always our listening session take place as a part of the official program during the Beyond the Gates Festival taking place during the last weekend of August in Bergen Norway.

We will be presenting tracks from the upcoming albums from ALFAHANNE, ORKAN, 3rd ATTEMPT and LUCIFER’S CHILD and more. And most likely more good stuff too!

The listening session is open for all – not just the festival audience at Beyond the Gates.
Hope to see you there!

Where: Garage, Bergen, Norway
When: Saturday 29. August 2015 @14:00
What: Listen to new metal albums from Dark Essence Records
How much: FREE!

Link to Facebook event

eyond The Gates Festival 2015
eyond The Gates Festival 2015

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One of the newest DARK ESSENCE RECORDS signings is Greece’s LUCIFER’s CHILD. This is a newly formed band, but is made up of distinguished musicians – George Emmanuel of ROTTING CHRIST and former CHAOSTAR member, and Stathis Ridis of NIGHTFALL – so you should make a note of this band name is sooner rather than later.

The band’s debut album “The Wiccan” was recorded during the summer of 2014 in Esoteron Music Studio in Athens, and is due for release early fall on Dark Essence Records.

Check out the studio diaries parts 1-3 from the recording period:

Studio Diary Part 1:

Studio Diary Part 2:

Studio Diary Part 3:


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Fast becoming one of the go-to labels for the Progressive side of music, Karisma Records has today added another string to their bow by signing Norwegian Prog Rockers RENDEZVOUS POINT. The band will kick off their collaboration with Karisma Records with the release of a single titled “Wasteland”, together with a music video, towards the latter part of May, to be followed by their debut full-length album in August.

Hailing from the southern part of the country, RENDEZVOUS POINT’s musicians met when they were all studying music at the University of Agder. Winning the title of the most promising band in Southern Norway in 2012, RENDEZVOUS POINT went on to perform at a concert with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. The band produces music that is heavy and complex, with epic arrangements, and glorious melodies sung by Gjermund Hansen, who many will recognise through his appearance on the Norwegian edition of The Voice.

Although relatively new as a band, RENDEZVOUS POINT consists of musicians that have a wide-ranging experience in projects that cover a variety of musical genres. As well as Hansen, the lineup consists of Petter Hallaråker on guitar (ICS VORTEX, SOLEFALD), Nicolai Tangen Svennæs on keyboard (EMILIE NICOLAS), Gunn-Hilde Erstad on bass and Baard Kolstad on drums. As well as being a member of bands such as LEPROUS, BORKNAGAR, ICS VORTEX, ABBATH, GOD SEED, drummer Kolstad won the Roland V-Drums World Championship in California in 2012.

Rendevzous Point signs with Norwegian prog label Karisma Records

RENDEZVOUS POINT are set to embark on a 29-date European tour in the Autumn with LEPROUS and SPHERE in support of the new album release. Routing for the tour as follows:

25/09: Garage, Bergen (NO)
26/09: TBA
02/10: Forbraendingen, Copenhagen (DK)
03/10: Euroblast Festival, Cologne (DE)
04/10: Progpower Europe, Baarlo (NL)
05/10: Le Divan Du Monde , Paris (FR)
06/10: Le Ferrailleur, Nantes (FR)
08/10: RCA Club, Lisbon (PT)
09/10: Caracol, Madrid (ES)
10/10: Garaje , Murcia (ES)
11/10: Apolo 2, Barcelona (ES)
12/10: Ninkasi Kao, Lyon (FR)
13/10: Garage, London (UK)
14/10: Ruby Lounge , Manchester (UK)
15/10: The Fleece, Bristol (UK)
16/10: Jan Hertog, Maasmechelen (BE)
17/10: Substage , Karlsruhe (DE)
18/10: Backstage Club, Munich (DE)
19/10: Legend Club, Milan (IT)
20/10: Kiff, Aarau (CH)
22/10: Rockstadt , Brasov (RO)
23/10: TBA
24/10: Majestic Club, Bratislava (SK)
25/10: Nova Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)
26/10: Progresja , Warsaw (PL)
27/10: Rockcafe , Riga (LV)
28/10: Nosturi , Helsinki (FI)
30/10: Bryggarsalen , Stockholm (SE)
31/10: John Dee, Oslo (NO)

More information about RENDEZVOUS POINT can be found on the band’s Facebook page

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Big One-Week Record Sale

Spring sale

For one week only Dark Essence Records and sister-label Karisma Records will hold a big record sale with up to 80% discount on CDs, LPs and merch. Check out metal album titles from Taake, Aeternus, Hades Almighty, Shining (Swe), Galar, Alfahanne, Slegest, Sarkom, Helheim, Kraków and more via links below;

Link to the Big One-Week Record Sale


Subscribe to the Dark Essence Records Newsletter to receive news and offers from us. We will send out newsletters a few times per year.

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Dark Essence Records Label-Night @ Inferno Metal Festival 2015

Dark Essence Records label night - Inferno 2015
Dark Essence Records label night – Inferno 2015

The annual Dark Essence Records Label Night during the Inferno Metal Festival will take place on April 1st 2015.

Doors open at 20:00
Venue: BLÅ (Directions here)

Times for tomorrow’s shows will be as follows;

21:00 Galar
22:30 Momentum
23:30 Krakow
00:50 Taake

We look forward to celebrating Infernos 15th anniversary!

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Dark Essence Records proudly presents a new album from Norwegian Black/ Folk metallers GALAR. Release date 16.3.2015

New album from Galar - "De Gjenlevende" - out now
New album from Galar – “De Gjenlevende” – out now

With the release of “Til alle heimsens endar” in 2010, the Bergen based Norwegian Black / Folk metal band GALAR received a lot of good response, which also ended up in their first live appearances. The core duo consisting of M. Kristiansen and A. B. Lauritzen have since worked steadily with their 3rd opus, “DE GJENLEVENDE”.

“De Gjenlevende” was again recorded at Concleave & Earshot Studio with DARK ESSENCE RECORDS’ own Bjørnar E. Nilsen. Drummer Phobos (Aeternus, Gravdal) has again been recruited for the recording, joined by several session musicians that include both a string quintet and a horn quartet which fit in with the epic nature of the material.

De Gjenlevende is a six-track, concept album. Jorge Blutaar, the band’s lyricist, explains the concept behind the album, which draws its inspiration from Pan-European folklore, ontology, and elegies; “Its five contemplative texts tell of the utter dreadfulness that haunts both the human mind and body when the season of winter holds every living thing in its grasp. Winter is the time of utter gloom, enfeeblement and inescapable death, which challenges mankind, beasts and plants equally. Yet, as long as there is life, there is hope, and eventually a new era of the Sun will bring to an end the seemingly eternal darkness of winter. With the arrival of spring hope and life will flourish once more. It is a portrayal of this cyclical process of transformation that is as old as the history of mankind itself“.

Once again, Galar offers an epic and monumental album, that also sees the band exploring a bit more harsher and extreme sound without losing their special symphonic elements.

Stream or download “De Gjenlevende” in your preferred digital music service:

Buy album from Dark Essence Records webshop:

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The Dark Essence Newsletter will be sent out a few times every year. The last edition was sent out today and is available to read here

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Inferno Festival 2015

It has become tradition for Dark Essence Records to host a labelnight at Blå during the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway. The next Dark Essence Records labelnight is now scheduled to take place on April 1st 2015.

For the Dark Essence Records labelnight we will be bring with us Norwegian black metal band TAAKE, doomish progressive stoner metal band KRAKOW, the melodic folk black metal band GALAR and Iceland the progressive metal band MOMENTUM!

We hope that you’ll come and join us at Blå if you are in Oslo Easter 2015!

Read more at the Inferno Festival’s webpage;

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS proudly presents TAAKE’s sixth full-lenght studioalbum ‘Stridens Hus’

“Stridens hus” takes the unique Taake sound and develops it further. Still true to the spirit of the old Norwegian Black Metal, Hoest breathes new life into the genre by introducing different elements that ensure the sound remains fresh and relevant. Some parts are more groove and rock orientated, whilst some have a distinctly punk attitude. However, this is still unmistakably Taake and, as always, we’re treated to a varied album with intense, unique and unpredictable dynamics.

Once again, Hoest plays all the instruments himself, but this time the Taake live band has contributed to the recording, alongside producer and DARK ESSENCE’s own Bjørnar E. Nilsen.


To purchase this album as physical product from webshop (creditcard/ Paypal): Click here

Listen to or stream the album in your preferred digital music service by clicking here:

Dark Essence Records releases Taake's Stridens Hus
Dark Essence Records releases Taake’s Stridens Hus

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The DARK ESSENCE RECORDS release section is now up to date with all album releases – right up to the new Taake EP ‘Kulde’. In about ten day’s time we will update this section again with the new fullength TAAKE album ‘Stridens hus’.

The release section gives you a quick overview of album name, artist, release date, cover, album formats, link to our webshop to check out the album in physical formats, and link to the album in the digital music service of your own choice. All-in-all it’s a great overview and easy access to our catalogue so head on over and check it out!

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS releases new EP from TAAKE called 'Kulde'.


As a warm-up to the upcoming Taake fullenght studioalbum “Stridens Hus” – DARK ESSENCE RECORDS is happy to release a new TAAKE EP. The EP is called “KULDE” (English: Cold). It contains exclusive new material from Taake and a cover of The Cure.

You can listen to Kulde in the digital music service of your choice via this link:

The EP is also released physically in a limited edition (700 copies only!). You can order a copy autographed by Hoest

New EP 'Kulde' released in digital format by Dark Essence Records Photo by Nekrographie
New EP ‘Kulde’ released in digital format by Dark Essence Records Photo by Nekrographie
New EP from TAAKE 'Kulde' released  on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS Photo by Stig Pallesen - StiPa Photography
New EP from TAAKE ‘Kulde’ released on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS
Photo by Stig Pallesen – StiPa Photography

KULDE – Track list:

(From the upcoming full length album)
(New track exclusive for this release)
(The Cure cover, featuring Vrangsinn on vocals)
(Re-recorded track from the 1995 demo tape)

The EP is also released physically in a limited edition (700 copies only!). You can order a copy autographed by Hoest here:

TAAKE  'STRIDENS HUS' Cover. Upcoming release by Dark Essence Records
TAAKE ‘STRIDENS HUS’ Cover. Upcoming release by Dark Essence Records
Dark Essence Records
Dark Essence Records

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS will host a listening session at Bergen’s Beyond the Gates Festival 2014 where attendees will have the opportunity to be the first people to hear tracks from the upcoming albums from TAAKE, GALAR, KRAKOW, and the label’s new signing MOMENTUM. The session will take place at the Garage, Bergen, on Saturday 30th August from 14:00 – 16:00.

Additionally, KRAKOW will hit the stage at the Garage at 18:00 on Friday 29th to perform a set.

Commenting on the event, DARK ESSENCE’s Martin Kvam said: “Beyond the Gates is the ideal setting for us to showcase what fans can expect from these great bands over the coming months. Most people are already aware that we have new albums from GALAR, KRAKOW and MOMENTUM in our release schedule, but we haven’t announced anything at all about the new TAAKE, so knowing that this one is coming up should be a welcome surprise for their fans. We’re all very much looking forward to hearing everyone’s reaction to what they are going to be listening to on Saturday”.

More information about DARK ESSENCE RECORDS and their bands can be found at

Details about the Beyond the Gates festival which runs for three days from Thursday the 28th to Saturday 30th August, and which this year features performances from bands such as PRIMORDIAL, NIFLHEIM and INQUISITION amongst others, can be found at

Dark Essence contact:
Dark Essence Records:
Dark Essence SoundCloud:
Dark Essence Facebook:
Dark Essence Webshop:
Dark Essence Records KlickTrack:

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS label night at Inferno Metal Festival Norway 2014


Join us!

DATE: April 16th 2014
VENUE: Blå, Oslo, Norway

Time Band
20:20 Seven Impale
21:25 Slegest
22:30 Alfahanne
23:45 Airbag

Age limit: 20 years
Doors: from 20:00

Link to Facebook event


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ALFAHANNEs debut album “Alfapokalyps” now available to preorder

ALFAHANNEs debut album, “Alfapokalyps” is now available to pre-order from the DARK ESSENCE webshop:

The album is scheduled for release on February 10th 2014.

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS is very happy to welcome SARKOM to its roster!


” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ />

DARK ESSENCE RECORDS is very happy to welcome  SARKOM to its roster!

Dark Essence Records have inked a two-album deal with Black Metallers SARKOM and will release the band’s third full length album, titled “Doomsday Elite”, later this year.  Track listing for “Doomsday Elite” as follows:

  • 1. Doomsday Elite
  • 2. I Utakt Med Gud
  • 3. No Loose Ends
  • 4. Inside a Haunted Chapel
  • 5. Predators in Disguise
  • 6. Solemn Disorder ‘til Human Extinction
  • 7. Cosmic Intellect
  • 8. Stigma


Formed in 2003 in Oslo, Norway, by frontman Erik Unsgaard (SO MUCH FOR NOTHING) and then-drummer Eirik Renton (ex-URGEHAL), SARKOM, whose core members comprise Unsgaard on vocals and Sgt. V. (SVARTTJERN) on bass, will shortly present a new live lineup, ready for the release of “Doomsday Elite”, something Unsgaard is feeling very positive about.  “Regarding our collaboration with Dark Essence Records”, the frontman said, “we are very much looking forward to working with everyone at the label.   I’ve heard a lot of positive things, and hopefully they are in the right position to take SARKOM one step further on this journey of ours!”

Commenting on the new album and SARKOM’s place in the Black Metal scene, Unsgaard went on to say:

“It is said that black metal is about individuality and not following trends.  I am not saying that SARKOM is a Black Metal band, but it sure is extreme enough and most likely that is how we will be categorised. Personally I don’t mind what label people tag us with, but with this album I can say that we have gone beyond the borders of what is accepted within the “scene”, at least the scene as defined by those who see themselves as “true”.  According to the trend nowadays, which has absolutely nothing to do with what Black Metal is actually about, we should probably have played either old school heavy/prog or occult trash/black metal to gain maximum publicity. But fuck that. We do what we want and that’s exactly how it should be.  We also have no intention of repeating ourselves and it is my hope, and intention, that SARKOM will keep developing in the future, in one way or the other.  I am sure that some SARKOM fans are expecting another “Bestial Supremacy” and they will be surprised by “Doomsday Elite”.  With four songwriters from different backgrounds this is, and is meant to be, an album without boundaries. Hopefully you will like it, but if not, you can always listen to Skyforger or something”.

More information about SARKOM can be found on the band’s Facebook page

The official video for “Inferior Bleeding” from SARKOM’s “Bestial Supremacy”


Dark Essence Records contact and promo
Dark Essence SoundCloud
Dark Essence on Facebook
Dark Essence Records Webshop
Sarkom Facebook
Sarkom Website
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