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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS plans to make their annual Inferno Festival event a little different this year when they join forces with sister label KARISMA RECORDS to showcase two of their bands each at Blå on Wednesday 16th April. “We are always conscious of the fact that while many of Dark Essence’s artists such as TAAKE tour frequently, and fans in Europe have a good chance of seeing them live, the Karisma artists tend to tour much less, so we thought that this year we would open up the event to give their fans a chance to see some of them, and introduce them to Dark Essence’s fans at the same time”, commented the label’s Martin Kvam.

Representing Dark Essence will be two bands whose recent releases have been getting rave reviews from press and fans alike. First up will be SLEGEST, the new project from former VREID guitarist Ese, who has skilfully blended classic heavy rock and old-school black metal to produce a sound that is both dark and sinister, and with an unmistakably down and dirty catchy groove that weaves its way through the music. Originally started as a one-man project, once the debut full-length album “Løyndom” was released at the end of 2013, it quickly became clear that the demand from fans to see SLEGEST perform live was such that Ese was persuaded to form a fully functioning band. More information about SLEGEST can be found here.

The official video for the track “Ho Som Haustar Aleine” from SLEGEST’s “Løyndom” can be seen here.

Joining them will be Sweden’s ALFAHANNE, whose lineup includes members of bands such as VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT, and who have come together to play what they themselves have called ”Alfapocalyptic Rock”, a fascinating and hard-hitting mix of Black Metal, Classic Rock and Punk with some Goth influences. Their high-energy live performances have garnered them much praise. Making a guest appearance on stage with ALFAHANNE, will be HELHEIM’s V’gandr who performed vocals on one of the tracks from the band’s new album “Alfapokalyps”. It is a tribute to ALFAHANNE that they were able to attract not only V’gandr to make a guest appearance on the album, but also Dark Essence label-mates Hoest from TAAKE and Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING. More information about ALFAHANNE can be found here.

The track “Såld På Mörkret” from ALFAHANNE’s album ”Alfapocalyptic Rock” and which features TAAKE’s Hoest on guest vocals can be heard here
Making an appearance for Karisma will be two bands, representing the new and the established. Lovers of Prog Rock cannot fail to recognise the name of AIRBAG, a band known the world-over for an exquisite musical craftsmanship that enables its musicians to create a sonic experience ranging from massive walls of sound, to ambient textures and soulful soundscapes, both in the studio and on stage. The release of AIRBAG’s third full-length album “The Greatest Show on Earth” at the end of last year confirmed the band’s status in the world of prog, earning them many accolades. Inferno will be one of the very few chancesthat to catch this incredible band live this year so it is an opportunity that should not be missed. One for fans of ANATHEMA. More information about AIRBAG can be found here.

The title track from AIRBAG’s album “The Greatest Show on Earth” can be heard here.

The second of the Karisma bands is one of their latest signings, SEVEN IMPALE. The release of the digital EP “Beginning/Relieve” last year gave an indication of the multi-faceted nature of these young musicians. With its member drawn from a range of disciplines including classical orchestra, big band, metal, jazz, rock and electronic music, their sound ranges from progressive and jazzy to the softer and more melodic to the harder and edgier. They bring a freshness and enthusiasm to their live performances, and it is anticipated that their debut full-length album later this year will more than meet expectations, setting them apart from many other new arrivals on the scene. If you are a fan of Norway’s SHINING, SEVEN IMPALE is definitely a band you will want to check out. More information about SEVEN IMPALE can be found here.
The title track from SEVEN IMPALE’s “Beginning/Relieve” EP can be heard here.

Scheduled performances for the Dark Essence Records / Karisma Records artists at Inferno Festival, which will take place at Blå, Brennereiven 9C, Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday 16th April as follows:

Seven Impale: 20:20
Slegest: 21:25
Alfahanne: 22:30
Airbag: 23:45

Karisma Records
Facebook – Seven Impale
SoundCloud – Seven Impale
Contact and Promo Requests:

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS is to release a new full-length album with Sweden’s SHINING to be titled “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd”. Today, we are proud to reveal the fantastic cover art for Feberdömmar by MICHAEL PAWLOWSKI (

Febardrömmar is set to appear on September 23rd. The album will be released in both CD and limited edition black or white 12” vinyl versions, with liner notes by Niklas Kvarforth. All three versions are now available to pre-order from Dark Essence Records at

Whilst the use of the number 8 ½ may seem a little strange to denote what would effectively be a 9th full-length album from the band, its use is deliberate because “8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd” is a rather special beast from SHINING, consisting as it does of six songs from the “Livets Ändhållplats” and “Angst” era in their original pre-production versions but with the addition of newly recorded bass and guitars, as well as Lars Fredrik Fröslie’s keyboards (ANGST SKVADRON, WOBBLER, ASMEGIN) which the band didn’t start using until their sixth album.

Additionally, the vocals on each of the tracks will be performed by six different vocalists, including Kvarforth, who have added their own interpretation and given a totally different dimension to all the songs. It’s a project that the SHINING founder and frontman has now wanted to do for many years.



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We’re proud to announce today the signing of Bergen-based post-metal crew KRAKOW who have just recorded their 2nd full-length album, “diin”, with producer Iver Sandøy (TRINACRIA, MANNGARD). KRAKOW have taken a huge step forward and upwards with this beast of an album, creating a unique sound and atmosphere that is entirely their own, and we are very proud to have them on our label. “diin” is scheduled for release in September of this year.

Formed in 2005 by Frode Kilvik (bass, vocals), Kjartan Grønhaug (guitar) and René Misje (guitar, vocals) KRAKOW recorded their first three-track demo within a couple of months of being together and went on to release their “Dusty Roads” EP in 2007. The band’s debut album “Monolith” appeared in 2009. Initially drawing their inspiration from bands such as ISIS, NEUROSIS, IRON MAIDEN and MASTODON, KRAKOW have gone their own way, producing a sound that is at times dark, evocative and beautiful, at other times fast and aggressive or heavy and mesmerizing. It’s with difficulty that anyone can pin a genre on KRAKOW but the names most mentioned when talking about the band are post-rock, metal and stoner rock. KRAKOW’s line up was recently expanded to include drummer Ask Ty Arctander of KAMPFAR and MONDVOLLAND. More information about KRAKOW can be found here

Below you can see fan-filmed footage of KRAKOW performing the track “Mound” live at the Nouveau Casino in Paris in 2011.

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With the MCD “Kveld” released in April as a taster for the band’s fifth full-length album “Noregs Vaapen”, and with the album itself hitting the streets on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS on the 20th September in Europe, and a release date set for the 1st November in the USA, TAAKE has today released a music video for a track from the album. Directed by Torgeir Ness Sundli, the video, for song “Nordbundet”, is a mix of live footage of the band interspersed with scenes of the countryside around TAAKE’s home town of Bergen, which have been filmed by founder and front man Hoest, who also produced the video. Audio production is by Bjornar E. Nilsen and the video debuts today on the website of the Norwegian Radio Station Pyro, at

“Noregs Vaapen” was a much anticipated release from the band that is now seen as one of the leaders of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. Whilst never losing TAAKE’s traditional sound and atmosphere with its icy riffs, its melodies redolent of Norway’s history, and distinctive vocals, Hoest has not hesitated to add a few twists that have taken everyone by surprise and kept the music fresh and original, including the use of the banjo on one track. The addition of guest appearances by some of Black Metal’s elite including Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE), Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), Demonaz (IMMORTAL) and Skagg (GAAHLSKAGG, DEATHCULT) as well as producer and VULTURE INDUSTRIES front man Bjørnar E. Nilsen have added a further dimension to “Noregs Vaapen”.

TAAKE will celebrate the release of the album with a special live set at Det Akademiske Kvarter in Bergen on the 30th September, and will then head out for a European tour in October with fellow Bergen Blackened Metallers BYFROST and the UK’s DONN THE PHILOSOPHY. Tour itinerary, including newly confirmed dates as follows:

14 – The Rock, Copenhagen (DK)
15 – Die Werkstatt, Koln (DE)
16 – Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
17 – Gloppe, Leeuwarden (NL)
18 – Biebob, Vosselaar (BE)
19 – Underworld, London (UK)
20 – Glazart, Paris (FR)
21 – Club 45, Zug (CH)
22 – Hellraiser, Leipzig (DE)
23 – Melodka, Brno (CZ)

More information about TAAKE can be found on the band’s website

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Galar, Cor Scorpii and Batallion
hits the road for two exclusive dates

This unholy trinity spaning the width of the Dark Essence catalogue will hit the road for two exclusive european dates this October. The package will hit Festung Bitterfeld in Germany on Friday the 28’th where they will join forces with local thrashers Trimonium. For the following day, Phantoms Of Pilsen 5, a anual festival in Plzen in the Czech Republic is due for destruction. Here the bands will perform alongside bands like Dornenreich, Panychida and Agrypnie.
Festung Bitterfeld
Phantoms of Pilsen 5