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Mistur is a Norwegian black metal band hailing from the mighty fjords and mountains of Sogndal. The sound is a mixture of melodies, atmosphere, rock, prog and raw black metal. The lyrics are written both in norwegian and english and the themes are viking related. The band has existed since the summer 2005, when the demo “Skoddefjellet” was released.

It all started as a metal project by Espen Bakketeig and Andre Raunehaug. Seeing the opportunity to do live shows, the band increased to a full line-up. Todays line-up is Oliver F. Øien on screams, Espen Bakketeig on synth and clean vocal, Stian Bakketeig on lead guitar, Andre Raunehaug on rythm guitar and clean vocal, Bjarte Breilid on bass and Tomas Myklebust on drums.

In 2009 Mistur released the debut album «Attende». After superb feedback and reviews Mistur continued doing live shows and appeared at the biggest festivals in Norway. And in 2012 Mistur toured Europe together with Vreid and Carach Angren.

Finally in 2016 Mistur released the long-awaited ‘In Memoriam’ on Dark Essence Records. The feedback has been amazing. Mistur has already done shows at both Inferno festival and Blastfest this year. More shows to come.


In Memoriam

Metal1 – 8.5/10
Soundscape – 8/10
Zephyr’s Odem – 11/10 – 8/10
BurnYourEars– 9/10
Ffm-rock – 8.75/10
Evil Rocks Hard – 10/10
Eternal Terror – 5.5/6
Lords of Metal – 90/100
MusicWaves – 4/5
All around metal– 4/5
Swedish Metal– Best of 2016
Metal Hammer Norway – 7/10
Legacy – 13/15
Metallian – 5/5
Scream Magazine – 5/6
Rock Hard – 8/10
Rock Tribune – 8/10