Madder Mortem

Starting life in 1993 as Mystery Tribe, Madder Mortem was one of the early bands from the contemporary Norwegian Metal scene to break away from set genre boundaries. Having started  off with a more straight doom metal sound, the band has continued to develop with each album, following a flawless transition to become an experimental and diverse progressive metal band with a unique sense of groove and contrasting arrangements. This diversity is clearly reflected in the band’s live performances.

Madder Mortem’s 7th studio album “Marrow” was released on September 21st 2018, only two years after it’s predecessor “Red in Tooth and Claw”. The band is heavier and hungrier than ever before, and will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in 2019.


Agnete M. Kirgevaag – Vocals

BP M. Kirkevaag – Guitars, percussion and vocals

Anders Langberg – Guitars

Tormod L. Moseng – Bass

Mads Solås – Drums, percussion and vocals


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