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Five the Hierophant
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Five the Hierophant

UK trio FIVE THE HIEROPHANT, whose instrumental music is composed of ritualistic soundscapes fused with Psychedelic Black Metal, Jazz, Post Metal and Ambient.

The band’s debut album, slated for release later this year, will be the follow up to the 2015 self-titled EP “Five the Hierophant”, which was released on Witching Hours Productions. Work has been progressing well on the, as yet, untitled album, with the drum tracks having been laid down already.

FIVE THE HIEROPHANT, whose lineup comprises Chris on drums, temple bells, djembe, shakers and gong, Mitch on bass and effects, and महाकाली on guitars, bowed guitars, rag-dung, violin and grand piano noise.

Line up

Chris – drums, temple bells, djembe, shakers, gong

Mitch – bass, effects

महाकाली – guitars, bowed guitars, rag-dung, violin, grand piano noise