Formed during 2014 in Norway’s capital city Oslo, DWAAL is a five-headed behemoth, assaulting the listener with a dense wall of sound that lies somewhere at the intersection of Doom and Post Metal. The atmosphere they create is one of slow motion, laden with heavy, sludgy, gloomy riffs, punctuated alternately by despairing vocals one minute, and minimalistic, melancholic melodies the next. Or, as the band like to put it: “A punch in the throat followed by a soothing caress, followed by another punch in the throat”.

DWAAL’s lineup is comprised of Christian Natusch on Vocals & Synth, Eigil Dragvik on Guitar & Backing vocals, Rikke Karlsen on Guitar, Stian Hammer on Bass and Anders Johnsen on Drums. The band’s studio debut was self-released in April of this year to a warm reception from the Norwegian underground. The EP, titled “Darben”, is a 31 minute, two-track opus which can be heard below and at https://dwaaldoom.bandcamp.com

Line up

Christian Natusch – Vocals & Synth
Eigil Dragvik – Guitar & Backing vocals
Rikke Karlsen – Guitar
Stian Hammer – Bass
Anders Johnsen – Drums




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