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Dark Essence Records proudly presents a new album from Norwegian Black/ Folk metallers GALAR. Release date 16.3.2015

New album from Galar - "De Gjenlevende" - out now
New album from Galar – “De Gjenlevende” – out now

With the release of “Til alle heimsens endar” in 2010, the Bergen based Norwegian Black / Folk metal band GALAR received a lot of good response, which also ended up in their first live appearances. The core duo consisting of M. Kristiansen and A. B. Lauritzen have since worked steadily with their 3rd opus, “DE GJENLEVENDE”.

“De Gjenlevende” was again recorded at Concleave & Earshot Studio with DARK ESSENCE RECORDS’ own Bjørnar E. Nilsen. Drummer Phobos (Aeternus, Gravdal) has again been recruited for the recording, joined by several session musicians that include both a string quintet and a horn quartet which fit in with the epic nature of the material.

De Gjenlevende is a six-track, concept album. Jorge Blutaar, the band’s lyricist, explains the concept behind the album, which draws its inspiration from Pan-European folklore, ontology, and elegies; “Its five contemplative texts tell of the utter dreadfulness that haunts both the human mind and body when the season of winter holds every living thing in its grasp. Winter is the time of utter gloom, enfeeblement and inescapable death, which challenges mankind, beasts and plants equally. Yet, as long as there is life, there is hope, and eventually a new era of the Sun will bring to an end the seemingly eternal darkness of winter. With the arrival of spring hope and life will flourish once more. It is a portrayal of this cyclical process of transformation that is as old as the history of mankind itself“.

Once again, Galar offers an epic and monumental album, that also sees the band exploring a bit more harsher and extreme sound without losing their special symphonic elements.

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